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8610 Jamaica Ave, Woodhaven, NY 11421

718-441-6669 / 718-441-6888

Established in 1980, Bagel Bin has been Woodhaven's premiere deli and bakery, picking up a large loyal customer base over the years. With fresh bagels churned out every single day, it's no wonder people always come back for more. Come in to have a coffee in a friendly, traditional atomsphere and find out why Bagel Bin has been so popular over the years!


Catering For All Occasions

Continental Breakfast (bagels, spreads and pastries)

Hot Breakfast (scrambled eggs, bacon strips, turkey sausage links, homefries and french toast sticks)

Sandwich Wraps w/ bacon/egg/cheese, sausage/egg/cheese and vegetable omeletes (served w/ tater tots)

and Lunch (HOT: grilled chicken w/ roasted peppers, steak and cheese w/ grilled onions, roasted seasonal vegetables w/ hummus)

(COLD lunch: Tuna, ham and swiss, turkey w/ lettuce and tomato, chunky chicken salad, fresh moz w/ spinach and tomato)

*all lunch wraps served w/ pickles and chips; hot breakfast and other items come w/ exchangable options

Additional items: Coffee, 2L sodas, gallon water, juice, seasonal fruit platter, cookie tray and assorted danish tray

Please inquire about your event at 718-441-6669 / 718-441-6888

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8610 Jamaica Ave, Woodhaven, NY 11421


Monday-Saturday : 6AM - 4PM

Sunday : 6AM - 3PM